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Site Director

Department: Education 0-3
Location: Madison, WI

Summary:     The Site Director will provide a safe and nurturing environment for children that encourage their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. The Site Director will plan and implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum for enrolled children living in low-income, at-risk environments. They will ensure the provision of quality, comprehensive child development services including: education, health, nutrition, parent involvement, and necessary family support services and referrals. The teacher will follow Head Start performance standards, Reach Dane work plans, policies and procedures, City of Madison and NAEYC Accreditation criteria (if applicable). They will maintain positive relationships with parents, children and co-workers and community partners. The Site Director will provide supervision and performance feedback for reporting staff.


Qualifications / Requirements:


  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Education: Exceptional Educational Needs or Child Development; related Bachelor’s degrees include the minimum qualifications:
    • Early Childhood Exceptional Education Needs (ECEEN) that includes 18 credits in ECE, or a composite of 18 ECE credits from the degree and pre/post study
    • Child and Family Studies with 18 credits specifically related to Child Studies
    • Elementary Education that includes 18 credit hours in ECE, or a composite of 18 ECE credits from the degree and pre/post study
  • At least 1 year experience in an early care education setting; experience teaching preschool children means completion of supervised student teaching or experience as a preschool teacher in a licensed program or employment as a public school preschool teacher
  • DPI certification in ECE or ECEEN or related DPI cert. or the ability to become DPI certified is desirable
  • Successfully pass a physical examination upon hiring and every 4 years thereafter that verifies the employee is free from communicable diseases and is physically able to perform require job responsibilities
  • Successfully complete a TB test upon hiring and every 2 years thereafter
  • Experience working with low-income families
  • Must have a valid Wisconsin’s Driver’s License, motor vehicle and adequate liability insurance as required by agency policy and state liability regulations
  • Must have a warm and friendly personality, be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others and be able to relate well to children, families, staff and community
  • Demonstrate effective listening, oral and written communication skills
  • Must be willing to fulfill their responsibilities in accordance with the agency’s mission
  • Preferred bilingual, particularly Hmong and / or Spanish
  • Must secure Registry certificate within 90 days of employment
  • Other duties as assigned


NOTE: Employment with Reach Dane Reach Green is contingent upon successful completion of the Caregiver Background Check prior to employment and a physical examination including TB test verifying employee is free of communicable diseases and physical ability to perform job responsibilities.


Physical Demands:                  (Strength) Medium - Exert up to 50 lbs. of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 lbs. of force frequently, and/or up to 10 lbs. of force constantly to move objects 

Physical Activity:                    (Movement) Bending, stooping, kneeling , sitting on floor, walking / transporting, fingering (picking, pinching, etc.), handling, feeling, reaching, climbing, balancing, crouching, crawling, etc.;(Auditory) Talking and speaking clearly, hearing conversation level; Taste/Smell) Tasting, smelling; Vision seeing; (Environmental Conditions) Ability to interact daily with children outdoors in varied weather conditions;

   Work Environment:              Mainly classroom setting but must have the ability to operate a motor vehicle and travel to various sites for meetings, home visits, transporting a child and / or family, etc.

Personal / Physiological:        Frequent significant decisions to assure well-being of families; ability to respond to an emergency or a crisis situation


Position Specific Performance Factors:

Establish a Safe and Healthy Environment:

  • Ensures children are closely supervised at all times.
  • Follows attendance / tracking procedures. Maintains accurate attendance / tracking records at all times
  • Ensures that the building, playground and classroom are maintained in a safe, clean, orderly condition and is in good repair
  • Adjusts staffing schedules according to program need
  • Posts team responsibilities, task lists, and chain of command protocol in classroom
  • Complies with state child care licensing rules
  • Completes fire and safety checklist, monthly documenting fire and tornado drills, and posts on classroom bulletin board
  • Completes Reach Dane Cleaning, Sanitation and Disinfection Checklist, Reach Dane Medication Procedure Checklist and post on classroom bulletin board
  • Documents all injuries and medications in medical log using proper procedures and reviews medical log at team meetings
  • Be knowledgeable of ECERS-R and Site Specific Orientation Checklist regarding safety, health and nutrition competencies
  • Follows child abuse and neglect policies and procedures; ensures classroom staff knows procedure
  • Sanitary conditions are maintained at all times; site cleaning responsibilities are required as applicable
  • Maintain classroom Health Action Binders to include current, necessary health action plans


Planning for Developmentally Appropriate Child Outcomes:

  • Implements agency approved curriculum that includes the following Head Start mandated outcomes:
    • Language Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Creative Arts, Social-Emotional Development, Physical & Health Development, Nutrition, Approaches to Learning (initiative, curiosity, engagement, persistence, reasoning and problem-solving)
  • Implements a developmentally appropriate curriculum that reflects observations and assessments of individual children and goals jointly developed with parents
  • Completes each child’s developmental, vision and behavioral screening within agency-identified time frame.
  • Participates in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process for referred children
  • Completes a weekly lesson plan; posts on parent bulletin board; includes PAC meeting input, Child of the Week, individualization notations and nutrition experience
  • Completes and updates child development goal sheet for each child enrolled as defined in the policies and procedures manual (Form 408)
  • Fosters positive self-concept by supporting individuality, independence, and the ability to make choices
  • Demonstrates respect for diversity by providing anti-bias, non-sexist language, images, materials, equipment and experiences that reflect both center and global communities
  • Plans a daily schedule that provides a balance of activities: quiet / active, indoor / outdoor, fine / gross motor, etc.
  • Implements child-directed, child-initiated activities while limiting large-group, staff-initiated activities
  • Plans curriculum yet maintains flexibility in changing planned activities, according to children’s interests and Creative Curriculum results; records emergent curriculum on the lesson plan
  • Assesses each child three times per year using the Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum
  • Creates documentation of children’s accomplishments through anecdotal notes, summary sheets and child portfolios
  • Integrates active media that children can control and reflects children’s interests and skills


Social and Emotional Development:

  • Cultivates a sense of community in classroom by taking a leadership role; communicates respect, shares knowledge of curriculum and practice and child development and learning
  • Places names on cubbies, in writing center and in gathering area
  • Interacts frequently, affectionately, and respectfully by smiling, touching, and holding children appropriately; speaks in a calm, courteous manner within close proximity of the child
  • Communicates directly with each child at the child’s level
  • Engages and communicates constructively with individual children during activities and routines; takes every opportunity to positively extend children’s thinking and potential for learning
  • Be available and responsive to children
  • Speaks with children in a friendly, positive, courteous manner
  • Works towards the highest rating on ECERS-R with regards to greeting and departing routines
  • Encourages and models social behavior and expectations that are developmentally appropriate
  • Acknowledges feelings with sensitivity and demonstrate appropriate expression of emotions
  • Welcomes and cooperates with agency’s mental health consultants


Positive Guidance:

  • Adheres to agency’s Child Guidance Policy found in the policies and procedures manual
  • Conducts smooth and unregimented transitions between activities; uses puppets, songs, finger-plays and strategies that are fun for children
  • Works towards highest rating on ECERS-R with regards to discipline
  • Follows procedure for behavioral planning as outlined in the policies and procedures manual



Positive and Productive Relationships with Families:

  • Respects parents as child’s primary teacher; responds to parent situations, comments and concerns with sensitivity, interest and respect
  • Shares resources with parents through discussions, articles, parent boards, newsletters, and community contacts
  • Shares in planning and facilitating Parent Advisory Committee and Family Fun Night
  • Conducts required home visits and parent conferences during the year
  • Completes and updates Family Partnership Agreement in cooperation with the Family Outreach Worker (Form 219A)
  • Conducts parent surveys of classroom 2 times per year for part day
  • Informs parent of injuries / illness as soon as possible in accordance with agency policies and procedures
  • Works with families to ensure follow-up is completed for all identified health conditions / needs
  • Works with and supports family in developing Head Start IEP for children with disabilities
  • Plans and engages in parent involvement opportunities
  • Gathers parent input for lesson planning
  • Helps families reach their own conclusions and respects their rights to make their own decisions; supports families through the Family Partnership Agreement
  • Collaborates with Family Service Center, Children Service Director, Family Outreach Worker, Family Advocate and Mental Health Consultant when needed
  • Emphasizes strengths in children and families
  • Acknowledges parents and all classroom visitors; shows courteous and professional conduct
  • Responds to parent situations, comments and concerns with sensitivity, interest, and respect
  • Maintains confidentiality



Program Management

  • Provides orientation to members of the classroom team in timeframe required using Site Specific Orientation Checklist (Form 389A)
  • Supervises assigned staff by providing regular, constructive feedback for support and guidance, as well as addressing concerns in a timely manner
  • Ensures staff meets educational requirements for the position and completes required yearly training
  • Supervises the Family Outreach Worker:
    • Ensure quality, comprehensive services including, health, nutrition, parent involvement and Family Partnership Agreements for all classroom participants
    • Ensure follow through on required health information, such as physicals, immunizations, dental exams, vision exams, hearing exams and heights and weights; ensure follow up is completed for needed care.
    • Ensure follow-up is completed for needed care
    • Meet weekly to help prioritize tasks and responsibilities with FOW, and ensure discussion of services to families.
    • Mentor FOW on building classroom skills
    • Ensure that children receive transportation to and from health and/or dental appointments
  • Ensures assigned staff complies with all child care licensing standards, Head Start Performance Standards, agency work plans, the policies and procedures manual and job descriptions
  • Conducts New Employee Period and Annual Performance Evaluations in the time frame required
  • Conducts and documents weekly team meetings; has a system for team input into agendas
  • Complies with NAEYC accreditation competencies
  • Complies with city of Madison accreditation if applicable
  • Completes all Head Start requirements for enrolled children within timelines as defined in the policies and procedures manual
  • Completes required checklist for Program Service Coordination (PSC) meeting and meets with supervisor; follows through on required tasks
  • Coordinates and collaborates with public school when applicable
  • Ensures volunteers are trained and supervised and all appropriate paperwork is completed and on file
  • Actively participates in and supports recruitment
  • Seeks out community resources and uses to enhance family support and classroom programming



Facility Coordination

  • Coordinate program operations with building / facility and maintain good public relations with site office staff, abiding by site rules and regulations
  • Communicate and recommend to administration any maintenance needs                       
  • Assure general maintenance and security of facility                              
  • Assist in inventory of all site equipment




  • Cooperates in completing and implementing the ongoing action plan to meet the classroom framework, startup checklist, job description, performances appraisals or other reviews
  • Obtains required continuing education hours and maintains necessary documentation
  • Conducts weekly team meetings for classroom planning, child individualization and task delegation.
  • Attends monthly site meetings
  • Upon hire, secures Registry certificate within 3 months
  • Works towards highest rating on ECERS-R regarding Opportunities for Professional Growth
  • Demonstrates knowledge of ages and stages of development; understands the general areas of physical, social, cognitive and emotional development for designated age group
  • Supports agency mission, philosophies, values, goals and policies when working with parents, coworkers, and community
  • Demonstrates flexibility and openness to new ideas in child care practices
  • Attends staff meetings, required training, and other agency events
  • Responds to agency needs by attending training, contributing to newsletters, serving on a task force, or substituting for another coworker when needed
  • Receives constructive criticism with an attitude that indicates a willingness to improve; gives feedback in a respectful manner
  • Establishes and maintains a relationship of cooperation and respect with coworkers
  • Assumes a fair share of work; looks for ways to be helpful; demonstrates initiative
  • Offers and share ideas and materials with coworkers
  • Communicates directly, works to resolve conflicts quickly, and avoids gossip
  • Staff communicates with each other to ensure smooth operations
  • Based on ELLCO observation, creates an action plan to implement a high quality literacy program
  • Completes the PIR Checklist; reflects on and identifies strengths and areas for improvement
  • Collaborates with public school itinerant, special education service providers


Agency Wide Performance Factors:

Communication (Oral and Written)

  • Relays information to supervisors, peers, employees, volunteers, collaborative partners, parents and community in a clear, timely, concise, accurate, thorough, and respectful manner both verbally and in written form
  • Demonstrates effective listening skills and makes productive use of the information
  • Communicates openly
  • Participates actively in meetings; makes meaningful contributions


Working Collaboratively

  • Supports agency goals, initiative, mission, values and vision
  • Supports Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Values: Safety, Trustworthiness, Choice, Collaboration; and Empowerment
  • Shares appropriate information with team members and administration


Professional Behavior/Judgment/Initiative/Confidentiality

  • Maintains a positive and professional attitude and approachable style while interacting with others.       Polite, courteous, well-spoken when representing agency on and off the work site. Follows dress requirements for work
  • Anticipates potential problems and takes preventative measures before they occur and consistently applies sound problem-solving skills
  • Seeks out new assignments, suggests usable ideas, methods, techniques, and works effectively without supervision
  • Maintains confidentiality of all agency information, including information relative to children, families, and staff


Work Quality/Productivity/Results 

  • Results oriented:       Effectively sets goals and achieves high performance by using required levels of knowledge and skill for successful performance outcomes
  • Demonstrates productive and accurate work while meeting deadlines and assures the same of direct reports
  • Uses time management skills effectively
  • Demonstrates problem solving ability resulting in positive suggestions for improvement


Interactions with others/Teamwork 

  • Sets a positive example for the team; motivates others; creates enthusiasm for team effort
  • Promotes, models and maintains respectful working relationships with supervisor, team, other staff, parents and community
  • Promotes and provides leadership toward a quality, healthy, creative, nurturing environment for children, families and staff that models dignity and respect
  • Models, promotes and exhibits a positive and cooperative attitude; sets a model for teamwork that encourages common goals
  • Listens reflectively and accepts suggestions willingly
  • Supports for success and encourages the efforts and achievement of others
  • Demonstrates shared responsibility for agency and departmental issues – jumps in and helps out as needed
  • Promotes, models and maintains an approachable manner that encourages interactions with others
  • Effectively builds the team, promoting strong working relationships
  • Focuses on the greater good of the organization
  • Collaborates effectively with others
  • Exhibits an ability to adapt to change



  • Completes Job Description duties and understands the expected results to be achieved
  • Meets commitments, gives and seeks feedback, takes responsibility for actions
  • Completes and maintains required recordkeeping on a timely basis
  • Arrives and is ready for work and appointments on time
  • Routinely checks agency e-mails, voicemail and written correspondence and responds in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Takes responsibility for professional growth, development, and continued education
  • Complies with agency policies, procedures, and other local, state, and national requirements
  • Assures safety and security practices and procedures are followed.


Supervisory Performance Factors:


  • Provides guidance and direction to employees; assumes leadership in a positive way
  • Asks for and is responsive to feedback on own management style
  • Develops, communicates, and executes work expectations while using the expertise of team members effectively
  • Identifies and resolves conflict/dissatisfaction issues
  • Observes early signs of changing conditions; demonstrates adaptability and flexibility
  • Offers creative and effective solutions
  • Follows up to ensure that appropriate actions have been taken
  • Takes initiative to inquire about customer needs and opinions
  • Effectively handles and responds to customer and employee complaints


Managing People/Delegation

  • Treats all employees with fairness and respect
  • Provides clear, useful, objective and timely feedback to staff members; communicates clear performance expectations
  • Assures direct reports are held accountable to performance expectations; supports direct reports in assuring employees meet accountability expectations
  • Completes and maintains required recordkeeping on a timely basis (programmatic and personnel)
  • Addresses conflict or differences of opinion in a positive and respectful manner
  • Encourages creativity, independence and innovation in the workplace; open to new ideas; allows and supports employees to make decisions
  • Delegates tasks to staff appropriately and in a respectful manner
  • Communicates through appropriate verbal and nonverbal language in a manner that promotes professional growth
  • Ensures hiring and training procedures, including NEO, are followed; ensures new employees are fully trained on all aspects of the job
  • Encourages and develops customer service skills in employees.
  • Takes initiative to inquire about employee needs and opinions


Planning, Organizing and Decision Making

  • Sets precise, measurable goals that are realistic, challenging and compatible with organization goals
  • Able to prioritize work and manage time effectively; Sets realistic deadlines for self and others and ensures deadlines are met
  • Anticipates problems and plans accordingly; observes early signs of changing conditions and responds effectively; acts versus reacts
  • Initiates new approaches and ideas
  • Approaches problems as part of an overall system rather than reacting to them in isolation
  • Uses data to make informed decisions.
  • Maintains a sense of urgency in solving problems 


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